Legends And Bandolero SpeedFest Info

Legends And Bandolero SpeedFest Info

Attention Legends and Bandoleros that will be competing at SpeedFest Jan 24-25:

Please see the following information listed below regarding restrictor plate and gear rule for Bandoleros and Race Fuel for Legends and Bandoleros at SpeedFest.

Friday drivers meeting will take place at 4pm  

Saturday driver meeting TBA.

Bandoleros: Red restrictor plates are used at Crisp Motorsports Park. Plates can be obtained by seeing either Ken Ragan or Dennis Harry at the Legends of Georgia Parts Trailer during SpeedFest weekend.

Bandoleros: Bandolero gear rule for Crisp Motorsports Park is 14-54 gear or 15-58 gear.

Legends and Bandoleros: Georgia fuel rule for Atlanta Motor Speedway/Crisp Motorsports Park will be in place. Acceptable fuel for this event will be VP MS 98 OR Shell 93. VP MS 98 will be available at the Legends Parts Trailer during SpeedFest weekend.

Legends and Bandoleros: Transponders and Raceceivers are required for all events at Crisp Motorsports Park. Transponder rentals will be available at driver registration if you do not have one or if it is not compatible with the track timing system. 

Legends and Bandolero, Rookies, Bandit and Outlaws will practice at 4pm and group qualify on Friday Night January 24th at 7pm. Bandolero Bandits/Outlaws and Legends will race Saturday January 25th at 2pm  

Bandolero Rookies will practice at 4:15pm,  group qualify at 7pm  and race on Friday Night January 24th.